Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New articles about Solaris Studio

We've started posting new articles directly into the communities section of the Oracle website. If you're not familiar with this location, it's also where you can post questions on languages or tools.

With the change it should be easier to find articles relevant to developers, and it should be easy to comment on them. So hopefully this works out well. There's currently three articles listed on the content page. I've already posted about the article on the Performance Analyzer Overview screen, so I'll quickly highlight the other two:

  • In Studio 12.4 we've introducedfiner control over debug information. This allows you to reduce object file size by excluding debug info that you don't need. There's substantial control, but probably the easiest new option is -g1 which includes a minimal set debug info.
  • A change in Studio 12.4 is in the default way that C++ handles templates. The summary is that the compiler's default mode is inline with the way that other compilers work - you need to include template definitions in the source file being compiled. Previously the compiler would try to find the definitions in external files. This old behaviour could be confusing, so it's good that the default has changed. But it's possible that you may encounter code that was written with the expectation that the Studio compiler behaved in the old way, in this case you'll need to modify the source, or tell the compiler to revert to the older behaviour. Hopefully, most people won't even notice the change, but it's worth knowing the signs in case you encounter a problem.

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