Monday, June 5, 2023

Fixing a Hohner Jt60 (new tremolo block)

I've had a Hohner JT60 "Hollywood" guitar for a long while. It's unusual in that it has an ATN (Advanced Tonal Network) (the link is to a discussion in German on the potential circuit in the ATN). The idea is that you can obtain a wide range of tones from combinations of the volume and tone controls.

The guitar needed some work. Opening it up I found that the tremolo block had cracked and the springs had grown weak - as shown in the picture.

Cracked tremolo block.

So the first fix was to replace the tremolo block with a Musiclily block that fitted the guitar. The dimensions of this tremolo are shown in the diagram - and it fits very well.

Photo of bridge in place, before studs and strings replaced:

New bridge in place.

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